How to Create a Night Sky?

How im supposed to create a night sky without using a BP_SkySphere?
All of the tutorials on UE5 uses the BP_SkySphere, but theres no way to add it in the game, why it was removed? How do I make a night sky now?

You can just get a night sky HDRI and put it on the inside of a sphere :slight_smile:


( it does work with 5 if you install it ).


I tried using a starry night image as a node inside the SM_SkySphere material, but couldn’t find a way to adjust the star light intensity…
Ill get this “Good Sky” thing and see what I can do.

But I still don’t get it why they removed the BP_SkySphere, it was so much better and customizable and everything just worked from the get go. You only had to make the sun rotate and thats it…

You’d have to write the material yourself.

See how it goes with Good sky :slight_smile:

Tried to open the GoodSky Map Showcase and it crashed UE5 lol
I don’t think it works in UE5, since many of the settings I cant change.

Back to the start :frowning:

EDIT 1: It actually broke my current level, can’t rotate the sun anymore with Ctrl-L.
EDIT 2: Its worst than I expected, every time I try to remove the “Good Sky” folder from the “Content” folder, the engine crashes.
EDIT 3: Managed to delete all the folders inside the “Good Sky” folder, the real problem is with the “Level_GoodSky_Showcase”. Only way to remove was going directly to the project directory and manually removing the folder.

Hmm, works fine for me.

This does work with 5 specifically

but costs. Night setup is good. For my money, the clouds look better than the engine ones…

There’s also Ultra Dynamic, which does night

Apart from that, it’s learn to write a skybox material ( and make the stars adjustable )

PS: maybe the default engine sky still does night, but I haven’t noticed that yet.

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I forgot to reply here yesterday but I found out where to get the BP_Sky_Sphere in UE5.
Tools > Class Viewer > Look for the BP > Drag and drop in the Viewport.

I guess I’ll go the simple way xD

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Well done. I was focused on getting something else, for some reason. I think it’s because the default sky ball is a bit boring… :smiley: