How to create a new event on a event track inside a sequence using Blueprints?

Hello everyone I’m trying to create a simulation on Unreal and for that I need to create event tracks with a event keyframe with some binding and payload. I manage to duplicate a existing event keyframe and place on new tracks but I don’t manage to change it’s settings and the event don’t work correctly, I need to manually change the values to the same values. I think I need to use the “Create Quick Binding Node” but I don’t know how to make it work. Can someone help me?

Bellow the event I need to add to the tracks

did you find a solution to this ?

No, I tried but can’t find the solution. I can share my blueprint but it only create the events don’t change the settings and bindings.

by events you mean just the keyframes ? cus i can do that too

Yes, unfortunately I was only able to do this.

I am having the same problem, how did you manage to duplicate an existing keyframe? Maybe this can help you: Add event key and quick binding to a sequence | Unreal engine Code Snippet

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