How to create a net (tennis-like)


First of all, I’m a coder. I know very little of 3d modeling, so sorry if this is obious but I’ve searched lots of threads on different forums, and I’m not sure how should I go with this.
I need to create a net, (a tennis net), but I would like to have some movement when the ball hits it.
It could be a plane with mask/normal texture, but I don’t see movement possible with this.
Any ideas?

I think that you have to consider making the net as a cloth. You can try to see some ue4 tutor about cloth in ue4 or in doc.
“The Cloth map inside the Content Examples project shows how to create and manipulate various cloth assets. In this map, you will see how to create cloth that simulates being affected by wind, how to adjust properties that can mimic various types of materials (silk or leather for example), cloth collision settings to prevent cloth from intersecting objects or itself as well as an example of a playable character wearing cloth.”

Thanks, I will take a look for tutorials. I hope does not hurt so much performance.