How to create a moving starfield?

This could be just like a side view like Galaga or someone looking out a window of the Enterprise at warp.

Or the stars coming straight at you like in the cockpit of a star ship at warp or the old game Star Voyager.

I read a thing once that said for the old scifi tv shows they had a camera on the floor pointed straight up at the ceiling, And then suspended dozens of feet above that they let loose some sort of confetti and filmed that as it fell straight down around the camera and with that you have parallex scrolling simulating a ship at warp.

For unreal I thought about creating spawned glowing “stars” in a circle randomly that move toward the camera at same speed.

Any ideas on this concept? Thanks.

Hey @usa423!

I found a few different tutorials on the subject, try this one out! It does involve Blender, as well, but it doesn’t look too complicated :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: This link is not associated with Unreal Engine, Epic Games, or their partners.

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Hey thanks! Checking it out now.

If you want to emulate stars zipping past you as you travel through space, consider this:

You’d need to change the direction, ofc.

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Ok thanks @Everynone will check it out!

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