How to create a movable camera only


I’m new to Unreal Engine and Blueprints. I’ve been trying to look for how to do this in UE but haven’t managed to find anything yet.

What I’m looking for is to create a movable camera only that the player uses. It can move, pan and tilt. Only when the player presses either Q or E does it’s height then adjust either up or down. To get a good idea, think Planet Coaster or Cities: Skylines.

How would I go about achieving this?


hi @Jamie_Edwards

Well unreal already start with a good basic pawn but if you want to make one on your own is pretty simple but a lot of stuff.

you need an actor or pawn with a camera,
you need all the input axis and buttons mapped
and you have to manually move the camera-actor.

there are a couble of problems like the local movements,
and the gimbal lock that you can avoid by clamping the rotation.