How to create a mouse click only interface

Hey everyone, first time poster and recently back into using unreal engine for a team game jam. My last foray was during the v. 3-ish days, making custom map scenarios for fun. I’m trying to make a tower defense game much like Gemcraft or Bloons: Tower Defense, and I’m wondering how to go about getting a mouse-only interface with the game.

Much like the aforementioned games, the game we’re making is a single room with no camera movement (which I have) but all attempts to use a player start or a character controller result in me getting a moveable sphere on the screen, despite me turning off visibility, movement speed, etc. I’ve also tried turning on mouse visibility in these to limited/no avail.

So my question is - is there a good base blueprint to start with where the game could be controlled entirely through clicks with the mouse? Even if it’s a blueprint that just lets me see and interact with the mouse to start, that would be a good start.

Thanks for the help!