How to create a mounted Limited Rotation Turret BluePrint

After searching the net for Ideas and messing around with my own thoughts I finally have a way to limit turret rotation on a vehicle type (My case a dragon) and want to share as it was frustrating. Roll is actually my Yaw in this sequence. You don’t need to create anything outside the event graph to get this to work. You will need to create separate yaw and pitch variables. As well as condition Variables (May not have to in this, but it doesn’t hurt nothing and got it to work. You can mess with the angles in the Clamp. Make sure you use SET and Relative Rotation (This was a key component that I was messing up with a lot more than just this). Anyway here it is. If there’s a cleaner way, I don’t know it. If there’s a cooler way, I don’t know it. And if this was always the way,I did’t know it.


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