How to create a more complex Hit Event based on Surface type

I’ve got a really simple setup for a hit event on my player character to create a reaction when they bump into a wall. I’m using a surface type called “Bumper” that I created, then from the hit event “Other Comp” I get the material, then the physical material, then the surface type and if it equals “Bumper” then I trigger the event

It’s working great, however, it’s limited to getting the material at Element Index 0 which is limiting me to only triggering the hit event when the actor has that material at index 0. But what I want is any time the player bumps into the “Bumper” surface on an actor regardless of the material element index, it triggers the hit event. This way I can have an actor with multiple different materials and the event will still trigger. Also, I don’t want the hit event to trigger if the actor bumps into the part of the mesh that doesn’t use the surface type “Bumper”. I’m worried that the way I’ve coded this, it’s simply asking if the actor uses this surface type anywhere, and if it does, it will trigger the hit event. So if I bump into a side of the actor that uses surface type default, it will still trigger the event.

Hopefully, you can understand what I’m trying to do.