How to create a mini map

Hey guys im trying to create a mini map (like in the game hitman for example) for an architectural walkthrough. Does anybody know how i could go on to achieve this? i am aiming for the mini map to be visible during gameplay in the top right part of the screen and i want to try to make it look something like this (this is from hitman the game)

Thanks in advance !

Here a exsample.


The PlayerCoordinatPosition draw the current playerposition on screen( the “Project on To” draw the player vector to hud). The Draw Material show the Background Texture. My exsample works with a 512x512px texture on center the screen. For offset change the float divide values(use the same value on divide for Draw Rect).

to give you different ways to do i link this horusheretic tutorial too Tutorial overview: Working Stamina/health/magic bar that updates to the hud and more - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums. Fair thing if you are in a dungeon is that you maybe can add a designed floor upon your ceil (both with one side only or one plan with ceil under and design upon. Then you’ll can show the symbols on the map and the situation player. (just an idea to try)

thanks alot for the help Ulrich!! i will try it out and see how it goes

thanks for the tutorial Fen i will check it out and see how it goes. i will try doing what you suggested also

Ulrich, I set up my blueprint as suggested in the image, and both the minimap texture and rectangle draws on my screen, but the position that it is drawing my character in relation to the minimap is off and not matched correctly to where I should be. What does the .0625 value exactly do, and how did you end up choosing that value?