How to create a microphone input pitch recognition system within unreal?

Hi guys!

I want to create a game that can recognize the pitch of a sound and therefore changes accordingly.

So far I have worked with p5js and ml5js, which works out perfectly. Now my problem is that I want to advance my game mechanics and game art and therefore I would prefer to work with a stable game engine, like unreal.

Has anybody experience with something similar and knows a possible solution?

Can I link the output from p5js/ml5js to unreal?

I have also found a plugin for unreal called unreal.js (GitHub - ncsoft/Unreal.js: Unreal.js: Javascript runtime built for UnrealEngine 4).

Is it possible to work with p5js within this framework?

Note: I don’t know how to write C++ and would prefer to work with blueprints or javascript.

Thank you!