How to create a mesh object of a specific size for use as a tile

What is the best practice for making a defined sized-mesh? This is for use as a tile. Specifically, it is a boundary box dimension with the internals being free-formed. For example, let’s say I have my imaginary grid as 1m x 1m and I want a table to be 2m x 1m. Do I create in the correct proportion and then scale? Or is there a better way?


It’s really up to you but I would suggest not scaling it in-engine. If you do it this way, you will have to re-scale every assets you import.

Just make sure that your 3D software units preferences are correct. Then you can easily create a 2x1m box to serve as a guide, deleting it when you are ready to export.

Just to add to Capitain,

UE4’s grid is in centimeters, so your imaginary grid is in fact reality. (or should I say unreality)
So I would just work with centimeters/meters in max/maya/modo/whatever and make sure the proportions are right.

So the better workflow should be: develop in [program name | Blender], import into Unreal, draw and manipulate as required. Does that sound right?

There is an article pertaining to Blender: Static Mesh from Blender .