How to create a low cut/high pass filter in Unreal

Hello everyone, I’ve been working on a sample project for quite some time now, I’ve almost layed every sound fx in the level and I’m almost ready to make a screen capture of the project and add it to my sound design show reel. Before I do that, I was thinking of adding a low cut/high pass filter on a few soundcues I have outside of a building so that anytime I step into the trigger area that activates the sound cues inside the building, instead of shutting down all the cues from outside, they just get filtered. I’m a noob, I can figure my way around UE4 but I still need some guidance, so be as detailed as you can with your explaination. A friend of mine suggested me to work with the submix function in the level blueprint, but for the time being it’s better I just stick to shutting down all the sounds coming from the outside. I tried looking for tutorials on YouTube or the Unreal Academy but couldn’t find anything helpful.
Thank you in advance