How to create a loop animation in UMG by Blueprint

When I assign the UMG track name as variable to “Animation Name” in “Play Animation” node which find in UI section , it works well.
But how to make it loops.

I’m interested in this as well. Have you figured out how to make additional animation tracks? I’ve only been able to use the default track (which means I basically only get one animation per widget). It would be sweet to have animation tracks for blending in, out, hovering over specific elements, etc.

I definitely wish to know this for sure. I would like to find a way to emulate Scaleform with UMG.

xlaser, the only way I’ve found to do it is stopping & starting which isn’t ideal.

As SilentX said, this seems to be the easiest way I found to loop anything.

It still doesn’t resolve my issue of not being able to animate separate tracks, or set position on the timeline (say I need a fly in, and later I need to call a fly out).

But we have to accept that this is in its infancy and is miles ahead of what we had for canvas!

Off topic: How does one animate a widget? For instance where does the Animation Name come from?

It’s very easy:

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In case anyone else finds this all these years later, just like I did, there’s no need to mess around with any of the stuff mentioned above.

In the Play Animation node there’s a Num Loops to Play value. Just set it to 0 and it will loop infinitely.


Thanks, I was looking for something like this.