How to create a loading screen during gameplay?

How to create a loading screen during gameplay?

I am working on an architecture app (UE4.24) that does some processing at runtime. The screen stays frozen during this processing. I wish to add an animated loading screen for better User experience.
What’s the correct way to do it? I prefer C++ over blueprints.

What I have tried so far:-

  1. Googling on this topic only shows me loading screen between transition levels such as…mated/dou2uhb/
  2. A Youtube video by Unreal on this topic [Async Loading Screens and Transition Levels | Unreal Fest Europe 2019 | Unreal Engine - YouTube] points to doing processing on game thread and loading screen from a parallel thread.

I am planning to implement a slate based UI and try putting loading screen on FRunnable. [Inspiration: Make UI With C++: How to use Slate in Unreal Engine - YouTube]

I would really appreciate any help.