How to create a Laser that draws a line hitting objects from controller (Gear VR)

I was following this guy for how to make a laser beam point out from the controller UE4 Setup Laser Beam Tracing For Vive Motion Controller Demonstration - YouTube as the photo attached in here. For some reason when I actually export it to Gear VR and play move it the laser seem to be not attached to the GearVR inside the game and goes all over the place. In his tutorial is work well I don’t know maybe it’s about the different type of VR device.

Any answer will be appreciated,

Thank you

I’m not sure how that works on VR and how to use it here but you can use raycast .

Raycast goes as line and overlap first actor. (Or all actors if you use multi trace)

  • Draw line if you want to see this.

To draw line use Rama victory plugin

Or create C++ class and inherit from PDO
Write comment so I will maybe find code with that (I have it somewhere).

you can use this for BP solution (I didn’t tested that myself)