How to create a Laser Beam that draws a line hitting objects


In my project I need to display three lasers which draw straight lines on surfaces. These 3 lasers’ sources are placed in a way that their emitted planes intersect in exactly one point - just like in the Cartesian coordinate system where the intersections of the XY, XZ and YZ planes mark the origin and the intersections of two of the planes mark lines - the axes.

Dividing the problem in its parts it would be simple if there is a possibility to draw a line on the object the laser hits. The only requirement is that the line fits to the surface of the object - just like the equator is a line which is projected on the sphere.

I have successfully created a particle system which forms a laser beam. When the laser hits an object the beam target point is set to the intersection’s location. But I have no clue how I can draw another beam/line/something else that adapts to the surface it is impinging or how I can specify a shape for the laser so that it is emitting particles in a plane within an angle of e.g. 10 degrees to the left/right of the forward vector.

Thanks in advance!

I am not sure I am understanding your entire question… but if you want a laser that draws through an object or only leaves a line (modifies the material directly no matter what type of mesh it is), you can try modifying this tutorial: “Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - See Through Bullet Holes” - YouTube by DasCapschen
… so that instead of one ‘bullet’ it makes a continuous stream, and maybe lower the ‘bullet hole’ diameter to more match a laser. I hope this helps … even though I know it is over a year ago that you asked the question - may still be relevant to you or others. You could also add ‘sparks’ for where your gun/laser/whatever through particles and give them a short life when the material is altered and ‘hits’.

I am having a very similar problem @anonymous_user_f816278e. Did you figure out a solution?