How to create a large procedural hotel's interior

Good Afternoon,
Sorry for my english but I need help to know how to achieve these results:
I’m trying to create an hotel interior using a procedural method. There should be 4 floors with about 15 rooms per floor: every room have to have her interior and her random placed objects.
To be clearer I’m trying to achieve an interior map like Outlast.
Thanks for answers.

Probably the easiest way is to have a Floor class which spawns Room actors in the BeginPlay method. And each Room class would spawn their objects on it’s BeginPlay method.

It’s probably easiest to think in small terms. Start with a room, and once it’s generated the way you want, move on to the Floor, possibly with TargetPointActors (or ArrowComponents) for the possible Room spawn points. And once that works, add ArrowComponents to the floor to designate where it connects to another floor (stairs, elevator, etc). After that, spawning them all together is a simple for loop.

Thank you for your answer that’s exactly what i was looking for.
Could you give me some links to learn how to generate a room with all his objects with blueprints? now I’m working placing objects in the scene with a drag and drop method, but using blueprint I don’t know how to do.

In the Content Browser, click the green “Add New” button. Choose Blueprint, and name it something like BP_Room. Then open it, and create the room there. Then, if you drag the BP_Room into the level, whatever’s in the blueprint will be in the level.

Thank you I’ll do it. Once I created that room how do I procedurally generate an hotel’s interior randomizing room’s content? I need to follow a specific layout for rooms and corrridors so they have to be generated using a particular grid.
Thank you for your help.