How to create a height map of tall skinny mountains

I’m making a fantasy game that’s based on Asian mythology and I’d love to use these mountains in game. I don’t know how to use world machine that well so if someone could help walk me through that process or how to get a height map from google maps or something that would be great.

A height map can only describe the height information of a location on the landscape as seen from the top - if you have cliffs this steep you won’t be able to get the sharp definition of the corners in your reference picture.
There is no simple easy procedure for creating an exotic environment like this.

Manually creating your assets, I would recommend creating cliff meshes that stick out of a landscape that only defines the base of every mountain.
You can use triplanar mapping for the cliff material so their texture would have consistent texture density no matter how much you stretched their geometry so you could create a lot of shapes with just a few meshes.
Foliage and Decals can cover up the seams between landscape->mesh and mesh->mesh .

You won’t find any satellite data that is accurate enough to be considered for a game, at least if you want them to look good up close. You could fairly easily create a heightmap like this in Photoshop, using clouds and gray-scale thresholds (I’m not sure whether or not Photoshop can do thresholds).

What would be a good tool for creating this? Zbrush? or could I do it all in blender (quality hopefully)