How to create a Head Bob style camera?

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  1. About level streaming. Am I understand that correctly? When I use multiple levels in one persistent world I know it loads all into editor, but after packaging, a game loads only those two/three we are in?

  2. Is there possible way to scale whole player character? F.e. when we pass through some portal or door character gets 10x minimized. Something like they have in Prey.

  3. I’ve got this issue with timeline working when trying to set up camera bobbing. When I use input specified in Project Settings (InpuxAxis MoveForward) it doesn’t work. But when I, just for try, plugged it into “W” input it runs great. Why is that? :open_mouth:

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Regarding you question for Level Streaming, take a look at the Content Examples - there’s a map dedicated to level streaming called Level_Streaming that explains a lot of the concepts.

Regarding your question on scaling the player, there is a tutorial on the wiki that will show you how to do this by picking up a power-up:

And regarding your question about the timeline, the key press W is different than the MoveForward event as MoveForward gets called once per frame and is looking for the Axis Value. For what you are trying to accomplish, there has been a couple posts on it for creating a “Head Bob”, take a look here:


I did some experimenting and ended up with a good head bob solution. I am using root motion in my animations and I have created both a Third Person and First Person camera. I have the First Person camera attached to a spring arm, and the spring arm attached to a socket created on the head bone of the skeleton – lined up in front of the eyes slightly. The problem with this is that the animations as they are have way too much head bobbing, however, I noticed that on the spring arm itself there is an option for enabling Camera Lag. I set Enable Camera Lag to true and played around with the Lag Speed and Max Lag Distance settings. (Speed 10 and Max distance of 20 worked for me). This greatly reduced the amount of bobbing, and the distance setting allows it to stay close enough that you don’t end up seeing the back of your head when running. Hope this helps someone else as it really gave the best results for my situation.