How to create a flame effect for a moving lighter in first person view

Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to create a flame effect for a lighter like this:
I chose this as my reference because I want the flame to react to the movement of the player.
Me and my friend try to create the effect by using a particle system with a ellipse shape sprite and make it scale smaller according to the life. This is our current progress:

It is definitely different from the given reference as we take another approach to this.
I tried to search in the forum and these are what I have found so far:

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  2. How to create a zippo lighter flame effect? - Unreal Engine Forums
    But i don’t know how to follow the steps to create them and are there examples or ideas to do it?

maybe modify some prebuilt weapon that emits particles then just make your own turbulence particles in the particle editor yourself and then just make it so the weapon doesnt do any damage? most weapons that are prebuilt already come with some kinda light emission and particle system all you have to do is spend some time modifying it. i would look at downloading a sample kit or sample pack for free then going from there.

but it looks like the lighter flame in the video are using one sprite and animating, is it some kind of mesh manipulation?? sorry if I ask the wrong question.