How to create a First-Person rope climbing mechanic?

Hello all,

I’m creating a short horror/action experience about caving, and for part of it, I need to have an interactable scene where the monster is chasing the player up a rope as they climb it out of the cave. i want it to be an alternation between left and right mouse clicks or A and D. With each click I want the player to move further up the rope, and an animation of their arms grabbing the rope and pulling up. So the faster they click, the faster they climb the rope. I’d also like to implement this mechanic once the player reaches the rope of the cave, and has to sever the rope. A left right mouse click or A and D press that saws the rope back and forth with a knife, and appropriate animation playing.

Hopefully that makes sense. This is an idea I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but I had no idea how to do the scripting. If you guys could help out with providing a way to do it myself, or better yet, a pre-made system that is modifiable to what I’d need, that’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks!