How to create a first person character

Hi, I am new to Unreal Engine. I am writing a small First Person game. There’re spheres lined up around a circle with radius 1500 so that a shooter stands at the centre.
Question is how do I make it a first person game with a gun in front of me?
When I run a game, I see the gun at the right, and I could even walk around it.

I like posts like that. There are literally a thousand ways to do what you want to do. Watch tutorials, learn from open source code and/or try to make it completely from zero by yourself. There is not **the **way.

And do it in BP before trying to do it in C++.

Create New Blueprint Project -> First Person Shooter Project (include example content) -> Click OK

Yes, correct. However, I cannot struggle when there is no way to do what a tutorial’s author asks for.
I have followed
I created class ADestroyActorOnOverlap, but I cannot drag that class into the level, because it is not even shown in Content.
Maybe, you know what I mean, and you can help me.

I can’t stress this enough: forget c++ until you learn the basics.

And you’ve been talking about Blueprints?

I believe that, by default, C++ classes are hidden via content browser display settings. You can change the content browser’s display settings via the Eye icon in the bottom right corner of the content browser.

If the display options don’t work:
C++ classes sometimes won’t populate the content browser if starting from a blueprint-only project. That said, the project is supposed to accommodate c++ functionality when you add a c++ class; it will add a Compile button to the tool bar (above the level viewport) and must be compiled before c++ classes are displayed. In my case, this didn’t happen; I actually had to have a friend compile my project for me. Could be due to a bad VS install. But after I got the project back, everything worked as I needed.

I believe the C++ UE4 beginner course from Udemy is a good place to start. They cover a lot of fixes for bugs that their users experience during setup.