How to create a double click reaction?

I’m looking for a way to register a quick double click of a button so that it does something different that when clicked just once. Say W=walkforward double tap W=sprint blueprints please

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In order to add a double-tap feature into your game, you’ll need to set up a blueprint similar to my example. The print strings aren’t necessary, but they do help show that it’s working. You’ll want to use a MultiGate as well as a Delay with your actions. So basically, where the Jump is entered, you’d want to add in your walking feature for Out0, and your sprint feature for the Out1.


Thanks! Works Perfect!

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You’re very welcome. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to post a new thread on AnswerHub.

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I totally have been, currently trying to figure out how to go into a 3rd person shooter strafe controller (like in the 1st person template) when i zoom in with a button press so if you have any knowledge on that it would be much appreciated

And here is one that does not output the click if a double click is detected.