How to create a disk which rolling (In a playing gramophone)

Sorry, my english is not good.I want create a rolling disk such as a gramophone for using in a old room.How can i do it ?

In your 3d software set correcly pivot for gramophon disk. Import disk and gramophon without making a unique mesh so you can controll both by blueprint.
Make a blueprint made by all pieces of gramophon like different static meshes.
Make a function called “Play Gramophon”
Make a variable Bool called “Gramophon is on”
In Event Graph use “Event Tick” and a “Delay” and call the function “Play Gramophon”
In the function “Play Gramophon” get static mesh “Gramophon Disk” from this take node “Get Relative Rotation” this node give you relative rotation for the disk. Right click on the output node and use split node. take Z rotation and use node “float + float” and in 2nd input place 1 then use new node “Make Vector” and male inside old X Y in X Y of new node and from add node the Z value. Then from Disk sm take node “Set Relative Rotation” and in input place the vector you made.

To controll speed of the rotation you can manage the Delay in event tick so you can just make a pubblic variable used for change delay.

if you provide me the static mesh fbx i can explane this with a little video

Thanks for help. But i am just beginner . It is diffcult for me to understand all of it .Can you create a little video about this. I just want to make a video with Matinee of UE4. Just want this disk rolling when i press Play ( capture movie ) .[] Thanks you alot .
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66k triangles for gramophon and 11K for the disk xD is too exagerated for a game asset xD. If you want to make a game asset you need to learn how to use displacement and normal map.

Thanks for your advice. I just export model from 3dsmax and use it.Although i decrease its size by proOptimizier, it still too big. I am very interesting with make a game asset, but 1st i just want make a short video for my achitecture project. In future i will learn more about game asset. I know about displacement and normal map but just know how to use , it not easy to create it.

If you want to learn fast unreal engine, and all other program i suggest to you to use pluralsight is not free but them lessons was realy professional. All members of my studio using it.

1st problem your pivot is not setted properly
2nd problem your 3d model is not upside the greed
3rd problem disk pivot is the same that got the gramophone

Thank a lot .I will try to learn in pluralsight . And make the gramophone with the first tutorial you post.

Solving 1st problem (I use maya to modelling more complete that 3ds max)

Remember to group items in main group to move them upside the greed. set pivot on bottom the side of gramophone and shift it upside greed
Then freeze trasform of group and on ony object
Now is ready to export to ue4

Anyway you need to study alot to understand all this thinks becouse if I do it for you, you just learn nothing is better to folow tutorials that teach how to make game assets and how to use them in unreal engine

Yes, will do it .Thanks for all. I will try my best. Good day for you.

PS: This is the fast way to make demonstration to your 3d models environment but wrong way to make commercial assets. You need to program in python our mel and making a parameter directly in 3ds max to change rotation of disk and use this on the asset code directly in ue4