How to create a dialogue system using Blueprint?

I intend to create a conversation simulation program, adventure style, but without any action, just dialogues. It will work in a similar way to an “adventure” game but without the actions (take/use/join / etc). The user will simply listen to the character and then respond by clicking on the option they want to have the text audio play and continue the conversation. I would like to know if I can create this process using Blueprint or if I will need a plugin for that. If it is possible without a plugin, I am grateful if you show me an example of how to proceed. Thanks.…GurxLZuzOfVfHd
This uses a free plugin

Hi Ispheria. Thanks for replying.

You know if it’s this one?

If so, it is no longer free

you can download it here Files · 4.25 · Not Yet / DialoguePluginSystem · GitLab

Nice. Thanks.

Thanks also for the detailed tutorial.

Once again, thanks for sharing this plugin and also for your amazing tutorial. I’m a newcomer to Unreal, but I need to develop a demo using this program. If I tell you what this project will be like, could you give me some tips and/or confirm if this solution is the most suitable for this project? I don’t want to abuse your goodwill, but I’m pretty confused about that.