How to create a Destructible Mesh in 4.25?

So, for some reason my project has no option to create a destructible mesh. Why? Any idea how to enable the feature?

In .25 / pre chaos demo I always made the mesh in a 3d program and imported it in.
Each object is its own static mesh, you must handle removal manually if required.

I never had any success using the fracture thing.

Just because I never had any luck with it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work anyhow.

You may need to enable a plugin for it, which isn’t mentioned in the doc page.
I know you did need this for the destruction demo to run after you built the engine from source, but I think that was already using chaos.

I know, right!

It was enabled in my project, so this was super confusing, luckily someone haz made a video, had to re-enable it.

Perhaps this is of interests, so the confusion came from the fact that the Plugin, search is not giving out results for Apex, unless you click Built-In. @VictorLerp