How To Create A Custom Template Using Unreal Studio For ArchViz/Project Itemization Costs?


Thanks in advance for any help with this topic.

I would like to create a few custom templates using existing UE4 templates like product viewer and the architectural template with my own custom material folders, basic furniture, plants, excel linked spread sheet with prices and general camera setups based on certain size projects etc…, Using Blueprints and not python script - for now anyway.

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I can’t speak on the particulars of how you want to set up your initial project, but once you have it, you should be able to follow the below documentation to convert your project into a template project.


Hi Stephen,

Thank you for pointing that out, I will give it a try as I proceed through tutorials!


When you sign up for Unreal Studio, you also get access to Project Templates that you can use as starting points for your own Projects. You’ll find these templates on the Unreal Studio tab of the New Project window and the Unreal Project Browser

I’m interested in doing something similar. I believe you’d be storing metadata on your objects or in that excel sheet, then using Blueprints or Python to query it. I haven’t cracked that nut yet, but these pages were helpful.

Here is a sample project that shows how to create a widget to display meta data found on actors.