How to create a custom geometry volume?

Hi there!

Hmmmm reading your description, it may be not possible if you want to create custom volumes based on the mesh but you can create custom volumes/collision boxes in the static mesh editor then Collision->Choose whatever option you want. There’s a convex collision generator there.

I want to create a trigger volume with the custom shape, and I can add vertex on it. What can I do?
Advance thanks.

First, thank you for your answer. That help me a lot.
But I have a new question. I saw that Geometry Editing could change the shape of volume, and the Pen can place a vertex, but I don’t know how to place a vertex on a volume box. I tried to press space bar to palce a vertex, however, it is useless. Could you tell me how to place a vertex on the volume boxes?
Thank you again.