How to create a "clipping mask" for text?

Hi, everyone!

In Unreal, I’m trying to create a stock board. It may be hard to show/explain with just this picture, but I want to have a clipping mask that clips the text so it is not seen until it appears on the board, then it will slide onto the board to the right. It will pass the clipping mask, and the text will show (if that makes sense).
I’ve created this in other 3D programs, but I’m not sure how to accomplish this in Unreal, or if it is possible.

Thank you for any help!

Do it in UMG!

Make a User Interface widget, in there each thing you add to the screen has Clipping options (put your thing inside a canvas panel and set the texts clipping to clip to bounds).

Then you can make add a widget component to an actor, and set it’s ‘Widget Class’ to the UMG widget you made, to display it in 3D in the game.