How to create a Class of Parent blueprints? (Class without child blueprints)

I know how to create a “Class” of blueprints by creating one parent blueprint and then creating child blueprints off that parent blueprint. Is it possible though to combine a catalog of parent blueprints into one class that I can cast to? I tend to get anomalies with child blueprints when playing as a client (specifically with collision related issues when a pawn is moving fast or has a strong rotation). Using parent blueprints seems to fix these but then I have a ton of separate blueprints I have to individually cast to. Seems like it should be possible to create custom classes of parent blueprints without creating children but everything I searched referred me to child blueprints.


I don’t know exactly what you try to do or what your problem is, but it sounds like something that could be solved with Components. Could this be a solution:

I am wondering more so about classifying blueprints. I’d like to create a custom “class” or array of blueprints that I can cast to. In the same way that casting to a parent class cast’s to all of it’s children. Is there a way to create an array of blueprints (that each parent class’s of their own) that I can give a name to and then cast to that name (which cast’s to all blueprints within that array or “class”).

The issue I am getting is related to components actually. Some components seem to give anomalies when used with child blueprints from a client. Using a duplicate blueprint (instead of a child) solves the anomalies (which I am pretty sure is emanating from pushing values on the “Rotator Component”). Using parent blueprints instead of children is fine but then I have to cast to each individual duplicate blueprint which I can do but it would be great if I could just put all blueprints in a folder, “zip up” that folder as one parent blueprint of it’s own and cast to that.

There is a few other areas where it seems like this would be practical like when creating team systems in the game (put a bunch of blueprints in one “Team” folder and then cast to the team). Just wondering if something like this is possible within the engine.

Actually I am getting the anomalies with the parent BP’s also. Moving to non-complex collision and bringing down a few parameters seems to fix it. Still would like to know if there is a way to package blueprints under one “Super Parent” BP though.


Grand Parent Blueprints if you will.