How to create a circle with Launch Character(X,Y)?

I have a static mesh that gradually goes up straight using LaunchCharacter but my problem is I can not figure out how to give him force on the x and y every tick to make a circle. This is what I have so far:

I tried using the formulas (X^2 * Radius^2 = Y, vice versa) but it didn’t work out

Hi man ,
first, your character get some movement?
if not , probably you used too small variables. in this document is used a 0,0,3000 , so be sure to put in enough force.
If you want move gradually go circle? i dont think this is the right way.
launch character is made to launch, its like say kick him, give him an impulse, just 1 hit of accelleration in one direction.
Plus , Launch character , will set your velocity, so you probably wont put it in the thick event.
If well done, it will surely keep getting speed one for every frame, and in just one second there are a hundred.