How to create a "checklist"

I am currently working on a game for my uni assignment. I have created a door with 4 images on it that the player has to find, I have got the images to appear on the door when the player picks them up with camera changes ect. but now I want the blueprint to check if the player has collected all the images so I can create a timeline to make the door open.

thanks for all help in advance

Do you need it to list the collected images or just keep count?
You can make an integer variable, add 1 to it each time an image is picked up, and then check the total.

Simplest way possible:

  • You can make a structure and add 4 booleans in it, each one will have the name of the Images and each default values will be “false”. EX.: SImagesCheckList
  • Add a variable from the SImagesCheckList type you’ve just created inside the Player Character.
  • When the player finds one of the Images, set the respective ImageName Boolean in the SImagesCheckList variable to True.
  • When you get near the Door or overlap some sort of Sphere Component, you can check if all 4 booleans from the Player’s structure are set to true and them call the timeline.