How to Create a Blueprint to Remember/Save and Not Show it Again

Can someone advise or point me in the right direction for creating a Blueprint that ‘can save/remember’ that a user already did something in the game?

I have two situations I am trying to understand and figure out this for:

  1. I want to put a User-Agreement Widget when the game first loads and obviously I don’t want that to keep popping up everytime the player boots up the game.
  2. I have a Tutorial in the game and I’d like to do the same thing there too after it has been viewed unless the player restarts it somehow.

Does anyone know how I can create this sort of logic or functionality? Would it be the same as a Saving System or? Not sure…

My only thought right now is a Saving System to per say display the Agreement/Tutorial > Save > and then maybe a bool to choose if that is True and to not show it or something? Is that the best way to approach this situation or what would you advise?

Thanks in advance!

Have you test your idea of using a saving system? If not, try it first. If it doesn’t work or isn’t satisfactory, then we’ll see.