How to create a blueprint node that outputs a custom class type?

Hi there,

I am programming a plugin that reads my level from a file and it exists out of multiple nodes.
Because of that i have to make each function have a input and output where i can put that object/var/class with the variables in.
Now i know how to make a blueprint node output a standard type(vector, transform, int, string and such) but i want to create my own custom object/class/variable type of thing containing a few variables for later use.
Now these variable types arent standard unreal things but rapidxml(xml parser) specific variable types.
Now i need help on ow to put these in a class/variable type of thing and then output them as a single variable/pin/class thing in a blueprint node.

I have no idea on how to do this and i know that you understand what i mean.

Can anyone help me with this?(sorry if this is a really noob question)


You create a class that is a child of any UObject child class than Blueprints can hold a pointer to it and you can use it on Blueprint graph.
In that UObject class you created, you add UFunctions to get/set values you convert to/from your native parser thing.

If you want everything to be read always as a value or reference but no pointers, than you can make a UStruct wrapper instead of a custom UObject, but UStructs cannot declare UFunctions inside them because UFunctions are also UObjects themselves.

Thanks, but i have no idea how to do that.
Could you maybe give me some code examples?

thanks :wink:

EpicGames have C++ introductory tutorials somewhere, and there’s a lot of basic info on the Wiki too.

There actually is no reason for the limitation. UStructs can’t have functions because whoever designed the system didn’t want them to.

The thing is tht i do know the basic api functions for unreal engine, i only cant find anything about the custom class with custom variable types part.
Could you maybe link me to it?

If there were no optimizations in place then replicating a struct would cost as much as replicating a regular UObject subclass.
UStructs are designed to be value types because, in-between many other little reasons, everyone needs structs but the reflection systems needs everything to be UObjects whilst structs have to be forcefully lightweight specially for multiplayer games.

The link doesnt say anything about my problem.
Could you maybe provide a code example?

No one knows this?