How to cover world empty space

Hello everyone!

I am currently working on a project where the levels are divided by segments. When I move to a place of a segment the empty space of the world becomes visible, I tried to use collision boxes placed around the segments to spawn other segments and cover the empty space, but I would like to make that work according to the player’s field of view, detecting if the world’s empty space is visible and spawn there a level segment to cover it.

Any ideas? Thanks in advanced!

Unreal already culls stuff outside of the camera’s POV automatically. It can’t get rid of them completely, as it needs to know they are there to see if the player can see it or not, so there is still some overhead. That is why you needs to stream your levels (which is what I assume you are doing with the collision boxes).

If you are waiting for POV to decide whether you are going to show a level, you are going to suffer some horrendous pop-up.

So, I don’t really have a n answer to your question except to suggest you have a REALLY low-poly LOD version of the whoie level.