how to count spawn actor from one spawn point

i trying to count actors from spawn point… but i dont know the missing link
should it be array ?
i have try filter array, but it is counting all the actor of the type in the game
i just want to count the actors from one spawn point

Hi @anonymous_user_0916cf7b
if i understand correctly…

You may have 2 or more spawn point,
a lot of chicken may be spawn in different spawn point,
So you may have spawned 11 chicken from spawn 1, and 22 chicken from spawn 2
and you want to keep track of them.

You need to store these in 2 different values,
and you need to always have clear link between the spawn point and the value.

You can give a number to every spawn point,
Spawn point A — SP = 1
Spawn point B —SP = 2
Both will cast directly in the counter But there you may need an Array of int.
And make the everyspawnpoint access to the index of the array based on the SP value.
Spawn point A — SP = 1 -----cast to array index 1 +1 chicken
Spawn point B —SP = 2 ------ cast to array index 2 + 1 chicken

i think , i found a solution,

You could also have one actor spawn them on any position and update everything else from that same place.

i dont understand.
i want a counter showing, how many chickens it makes, i dont care what happens to them after