How to count eliminations with instant respawn system using DBNO device?

So i have a 1v1 map with a instant respawn system using the Down But Not Out (DBNO) device so players don"t get eliminated but downed. i still want to show how many kills you have so i linked the DBNO device to 2 score managers tracking both teams. now what i have is that the player that gets killed gets a point because every point is rewarded to a player that gets knocked. how can i make it so its the other way around or just a better way of counting kills while using the DBNO device?

Hey yannis,

I have heard of this DBNO issue before and I hope this is the alternative, but I can’t test it because I am flying solo.

Try trackers…
If you use 2 trackers per stat, set them the same except 1 starts assigned and the other unassigned, have them complete after one count. set them to assign on the others completion and reset and unassign on its own completion.

Have both of them hooked into your 2 score managers.

They should now ping pong off each other and you can track the player revived stat or the elimination stat and get an event for every 1.

But I don’t know if the player revived tracker is for the reviver or the revivee, hopefully its the reviver…

Thank you for the reply. But i redid my entire respawn system a different way with the help of someone expirienced. But stil thank you.

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