How to count actors in radius

Like this but not server wide

Here is my bp, I tried with interface but ran into the same problem of unfiltered results

I would use a “Multi Sphere Trace For Objects” for this. You can specify a radius there.

you learn something new every day, will do some research. Thank you for the reply

How can I filter hit results by object, the =(object) only outputs a boolean, how can I group all “Man” actors without others

Not even sure if this is going in the right direction

Have you tried overlap event? Add a sphere component of necessary radius and check for it overlap event with other actors. It gives you an array of objects under the overlap if I recall it correctly.

Interesting, I will try that. Do you know how I can filter the array to just have one object type, Im getting 0 objects when I array filter by class. Seems every instance that spawns in changes the class name

There is also node called ‘SphereOverlapActor’ which provides array of actors within its radius.

Thank you, will try that

Thank You, all my problems are solved with the ‘sphereOverlapActor’