How to correctly setup your swarm


I just started working with unreal and need some help setting up a swarm.

development environment:
windows 8
unreal 4.7

I followed this tutorial: Tutorial: Setting Up Swarm for Multiple Machines | Brian Goodsell - Environment Artwork

But I am not getting the same results. In my coordinator I can see the agents i started on my pc and laptop. And they are both in the same group. But when I look in the Swarm Status tab its empty, in all the videos i have wached it seems that there should be at least something their.

Does some one know how i can fix my problem.


It seems it does indeed work just nothing shows in the tab. also i was under the impression that it could help me compile the shaders, and again i was miss informed on that as well. so i guess it works like intended, and i will just need to wait every time i make a change.