How to correctly retarget onto metahuman in UE5?

In ue4 I managed to get my animations working fine by following the official guide on retargeting metahumans. Now in ue5 with the new system, I’m having lots of issues with retargeting, particularly with the arms that are flailing all over the place. I have the arms set up from upperarm to hand, then each finger from 01 to 03. Are there some additional settings that need to be set? If someone knows how to correctly retarget animations from the mannequin onto metahuman, I would appreciate the guidance.

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I can tell you a trick I do… Is not the solution but I hope It helps!

First I retarget in ue4 old way:


Then I export the animation as fbx:

Now open UE5 and import as MH skeleton:

Now IT happens


Thank you very much, I’ll try that!

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Ey @TapiirSnout, I have a surprise for you!

I also managed to get a better result by making IK goals in the metahuman IK rig. I made IK solver and then goals for each hand and ball of foot.

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