How to correctly override NativeOnFocusReceived / NativeOnFocusLost for UUserWidget?


I’m trying to figure out how to correctly override NativeOnFocusReceived and NativeOnFocusLost for a custom UUserWidget.

I have a Main Menu (UUserWidget) with a couple of Buttons (other UUserWidget) inside.

For the buttons, I did an override for both those functions (for now, they just print a message, but I plan to use them to highlight the currently focused button and turn the highlight off when it looses focus).

When the game begins, I manually SetUserFocus on the first button, and it works (it prints the message I put into the overridden version of NativeOnFocusReceived). If I select the second button, it even prints the message I put inside of the overridden version of NativeOnFocusLost, but after that, both of them never print again, for either buttons.

Am I missing something here? Or is there a different way to accomplish this?


Hey, have you ever solved this issue?