How to correctly add a First Person Controller to the scene?

Hello there,

How do I correctly add a First Person Controller to the scene?
Right now I have a PlayerStart so when I start the game a FirstPersonController gets created to that spot.

I need to have a manual FPC added to the scene because I need to reference it trough my blueprint, and I can’t really reference the PlayerStart.

I saw the FirstPerson Test Map and they do have a FirstPersonController there but I can’t figure it out. If I delete my PlayerStart and add a FPC … my camera starts from the current editor camera.

I tried to check “Default Player Start” but it’s grayed out when I do that. Right now it’s ok because I still have the PlayerStart.

Thank You

You can’t do it that way, Players are Spawned automatically by the gamemode.

To get your reference to your custom Player Controller (which is what FPC is), just use the ‘Get Player Controller’ node, and cast to your custom controller.

Hey TheJamsh,

then how did that Level demo did it? Isn’t it better to have a FPC in the scene and not a PlayerStart? I havn’t touched the GameMode yet so probably that’s why?

My main issue right now is that I might have to use the Posses thingie in order to give & take away control of the PlayerController, so that’s the reason why I was thinking on getting a FPC into the scene.

Thanks <3

Instead of Finding ways to do First Person Controller Use Unreal engine’s First person template (Only in unreal engine 5)