How to copy properties/settings from one static mesh to another ?

I imported 51 static mesh that comprise my level. All of them have same material, same parameters/settings (lightmap size, collision type, etc.) Currently I open each of them in the static mesh editor and manually set same exact settings, 51 times (I know, WTF?! It’s nuts, but there is no word on how to streamline this process).

Is there a way to tweak settings/parameters on one mesh, and then copy it to the rest 50 of them and save the day?


P.S. When importing FBX, there are no options to set lightmap size, collision complexity, etc.

Hi Motorsep, there are a few options, disclaimer :I’m no expert and if there is a better way pls advise.

one option is : once assets are in the world- select multiple and change whatever parameters you require eg material
you can also group them for easy placement, setting parameters etc. (right-click in world outliner) group is very handy.

there is bulk edit via property matrix where you can change almost everything, light-map size etc, but I can’t find a material ref in there sry.
Select assets > right click > Asset Actions > Bulk Edit.

bulk edit - material was removed due to issues, might reappear, bulk edit from browser awaiting ticket… so think placing in world and asigning from there is best option for materials, otherwise bulk edit

I see, so I guess I’d have to drop meshed into the world, select them all and then adjust settings for them (and apply material). Thanks.

I tried Bulk Edit, but material and a few other options are missing from Bulk edit, so it’s not that useful :frowning: