How to copy BluePrint nodes between levels?

How do you copy BP nodes between levels?

As I’ve got a series of nodes that perform some functionality but when I copy them to another level (still in the same project) and try to paste them the editor crashes?

Well if U need a particular bunch of nodes to be used again and again why not use BP class. It is a feature provided to overcome such situation. Not a big deal if U are unaware of it U’ll find its documentation too in the website . Maybe U probably have overlooked due to some reason.

Similar to A GUPTA’s suggestion, I suggest using either a **BlueprintMacroLibrary **or a BlueprintFunctionLibrary, depending on your needs.

If you really want to copy nodes, make sure you don’t have any references specific to the map (i.e. an actor on the persistent level)

ah that makes sense A Gupta, but I’m trying to copy these nodes between level blueprints

Thanks Guys!!!