How to "cook" UPK files?

I am a newbie, but I have been playing Infinity Blade for a decade now. I am trying to mod it, and so far I have use UE Viewer to convert the cooked files into skeletal meshes and PSK files. Then I used UDK Editor to turn that skeletal mesh into a UPK file. I don’t think Unreal Frontend can cook UPK files, they seem to only cook UDK map files. I don’t know if this is even possible.


.i see it´s about Modding a certain game by Extracting the fbx,texturs and animaion seq…

you´ll need for this task certain editors and 3rd party apps in order to bring it the content back.

for further and detailed instructions,Go To the “Unreal Tournament 3” scene,also in this forum Accessable.
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