How to cook only code changes and not entire game?

Hello, I’ve got a strange bug that’s only happening in cooked builds.
However, the game is very large and it takes up to a full hour to build. Every time it always seems to cook all assets in the game, when I really only need it to update the compiled code.

Is there any way to only inject compiled code into the cooked build or something?

Maybe something to do with this value? If I set it to Never, will it keep the existing content and only update the code?

The project is falling way behind schedule trying to fix this bug, as the huge compile times only allow for a few tests in the entire day.

Edit: Or just any info on general speedups would be great!

If you’re absolutely sure none of the assets need changing, you could just compile a new binary for your configuration (development or shipping) in VS and drop it in the binaries folder of the packaged build.

Depends what you’re doing too. If you’re changing code, like removing a var from Blueprints or something, they’ll probably need recompiling too which will require re-cooking them.

Cooked assets are stored (usually) in the project directory in the ‘Build’ folder. Make sure you’re not deleting it between builds or you’ll have no cached cooked assets and it’ll have to run all over again.