How to cook mod onto TheIsland and some other questions...


I’m still rather new at this, but through help I’ve successfully edited a couple blueprints as per some friends requests, and I was wondering how do I apply that to the Map TheIsland?

Also related, how would I even start to make a new map, let alone paint landscape and foliage on it? Every time I try and paint it it won’t. :frowning:

Thanks for any help! :smiley:

When you make a mod that uses TheIsland it’s a core mod and there is a video to watch here How to make a core mod

Just follow the steps and you can do it, but if you remap any files, there will be stacking incompatibility so warn users if you put it on the workshop.

Hey Devil, we do have a tutorial on the front page of the Ark modding forum to show you how to put a basic mod together here.](

Follow that to get a better idea of how to compile your mod together, cook it and send it away to the steam cloud :slight_smile:

If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

Geez Akukiyo you sly dog haha

cackles maniacally

Thank you so much! I’ll look into it immediately and try and push something out as soon as I can! :smiley:

How would I start a new map? Just if I felt like it. :rolleyes:

File -> New Level -> Testmap (You don’t have to use the test map but it’s a good reference to begin with).

After doing whatever you want with the new map make sure to save it into your mod folder and reference your copied PrimalGameData and GameMode to your level’s World Settings.

There is more to this and I will post a link to a tutorial if I find one.

See, but when I try to add onto it, I cannot put anything on.

Also, I’m slightly confused about the whole process of overriding the certain blue print to make a core mod. Could you clarify that up?

What exactly do you mean by “put anything on?”. Are you meaning building structures or importing maps? Need some clarification here.

When you are wanting to modify an existing blueprint within the Dev Kit, simply right click it and left click “Duplicate”. Or alternatively simply drag that blueprint into your mod folder.

The link Akukiyo and I mentioned should go over this technique early on in the video.

Alright, I guess I’ll look at it again. Cuz I modified the three blueprints I wanted to for now, but I’m still unsure where to put them xD.

And “put anything on” means painting foliage, changing landscapes, and adding caves and whatnot.

I thought as much, there are some great tutorials which are universal for the unreal engine on youtube and the likes.
I’d start there for tips on how to create your own maps etc etc.

If you follow the tutorial both of us linked religiously it should definitely answer any questions regarding blueprints and referencing.