How to Convert FString to TChar? ClipboardCopy 4.25

I’m trying to simply expose a “copy string to Windows Clipboard function” to blueprint but I keep getting some kind of compiler error about Tchar conversion

I’ve struggled for a long time with TChars and Chars variables, but Ive been using the TEXT or TCHAR_TO_ANSI macros to get around Chars. But for some reason I can’t seam to convert a FString to a TChar, the visual studio compiler throws out a long list of nonsense errors (bottom of picture). Fortunately the ue4 compiler says it a conversation error otherwise id have no idea what im doing wrong.
I’m probably missing something simple but I’ve been trying everything i can and looking up as much as I could to no avail

Im still learning C++ / coding, but I don’t understand why almost every ue4 function uses Chars is stead of Fstring? or at least exposing TChars to Blueprint.

Anyway if someone could explain how to fix this or write it out in code that would be great!