How to convert custom contours to terrain for UE4?

Hi everyone! I’m new to UE4 and I have a problem in converting 3d model to a terrain for UE4. I’ve got my custom contours and I need them to be converted to terrain suitable for UE4. Could you help me with some tutorials or your own experience? thanks!

what kind of contours ? in what file format ?

this might help

Sorry for late response! thank you for your help! I’ve already found the way to convert my contours to terrain. I’ve got the contours of the terrain which is under construction in dwg format. So, I converted it into a 3d model in AutoCad Architecture. Then I imported it to SketchUp which has the plugin that takes an image of 3d model’s surface and convert it into a heightmap. I beleive that there exists much more easier way to do that but for now this worked for me.

Have you figured out a better contour to height map method?