How to convert a StaticMesh to a SkeletalMesh (Humanoid model in fbx. format)

I would like to make that static mesh into a skeletal one - because i wanna make a character with it. It’s in fbx format. And one more question - How to make a custom character animations? Can I get a lil help? Thx.

You need to rig and skin your Mesh

You need to assign your static mesh to a parent. If you are using a modelling program like blender , you can do it in otherwise I don’t know.If you using blender first make a skeleton and then attach your mesh to skeleton.If you want ask how?
-select ur mesh and go to modifiers panel

-add armature modifier.

-choose your skeleton.(don’t forget to create it first! )

It have to deform or change position


create skeleton

Data transfer mod(if you can’t, do it because you don’t have any transferring objects so skip this step. Or try
(select first one)- vertex groups -generate.

First, select ur mesh, then skeleton.

after selecting skeleton go to pose mode
Select all skeleton parts ( hit A until it be blue)

​​​​with empty groups(if I remember correctly :frowning: if not try auto weights )
Before last step don’t forget to save your steps . If not you can’t get back last step and will must reapply all steps!

If you need more help you can send me a private message.